Managing users
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How to update user settings

  • Go to Manage > Users

  • Open up the user's user page by clicking their name.

  • Click Settings to update various user settings as seen below; such as changing email or pausing them.

Deleting or pausing users

Admins can pause and delete users.

  • Deleted users will lose all data and be removed from the system.

  • Paused users will lose access to Sana, but their data will be kept in case they're reactivated. They will be marked as deactivated.

You can pause users from the user profile as shown in the image above. For deleting, go to Manage > Users. Mark the user and choose Pause or Delete in the menu as shown below.

Monitoring a user's learner progress

In the user detail page, you can also track how they are doing in terms of their assigned courses.

The user will be marked as:

  • Needs attention: if there is at least one course or Live session that the user has not completed yet and is:

    • already overdue

    • due soon very soon

    • a live course with no live sessions scheduled

  • On track otherwise

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