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Courses can be arranged sequentially in a path towards a specific competency.

Let's use the example of a leadership program to exemplify. The program is made up of four courses:

  1. Inspiring and Motivating Individuals – about creating a shared vision and effective communication

  2. Managing Talent – about talent selection, recruitment, and onboarding

  3. Influencing People – about influence tactics and building relationships

  4. Leading Teams – about building a team and improving teamwork and collaboration

The courses are ordered into a path, let's call it Leading People and Teams. After completing the first course, they are recommended to move on to the next in the path, making it easy to understand what route to take to build competency.

How to create a new path

Click "Create new" to create a new path.

From here, you can add and arrange courses in the path and choose if they should be completed in sequential order or not.

Add a theme to your path, along with a cover image and path description. Assign learners and groups.

From this page, you can also see the skills in the path taught in the included courses. If the courses don't have skills tagged to them, there will be none in the path.

You can choose to make your path available to everyone in your organization. If this is not enabled, only learners assigned to a group enrolled in the path, or learners enrolled directly, will be able to find the path.

Where to find your existing paths

  • Go to Manage > Content

  • Filter on "Path"

  • Click the path you are looking for!

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