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User roles and how to change them (admin, group admin, learner)
User roles and how to change them (admin, group admin, learner)

Learn the different user roles in Sana and how to change them (if you are an admin)

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The user roles

In Sana, there are three user roles, ranked from highest to lowest degree of rights:

  • Administrators: Full Sana platform create/edit rights, which should be used only for a select few users. Can create new content and edit all existing content on platform, manage and view status on all users, and change user role on other users (e.g. make learners admins). Can also change general settings on the platform such as colour themes and fonts, as well as setting up Slack integration.

  • Group administrators: Can create new courses and edit existing courses once added as collaborators, invite users and and manage and view those invited users that belong to their group. Can not view other content in Create or change general settings on the Sana platform (e.g. colours, fonts).

  • Learners: No create/edit rights. Can only take assigned courses - to be used for the vast majority of learners.

Changing user roles

You can change roles of a user by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the "Manage" view from the home-screen and click on the "User"-tab

  2. Search for the user in the search-field and click on the relevant user

  3. Under "User role" to the left, click on the users current role (e.g., Learner) and select the one you want to switch to (e.g., Administrator)

  4. Done! The user's role is now updated.

Note: You need to be an administrator to be able to change the role of a user.


How can a group admin see what courses have been assigned to their groups?

By going into manage → groups, clicking on the relevant group and then finally scrolling down to “Assigned to group”.

I am a group admin but don’t seem to have access to anything?

You can have a “general” group admin status without being admin of a specific group. Then, you are only able to create content. Someone with the right access has to add you to the group and then change your status to group admin, in that group specifically.

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