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Modifying an existing Program
Modifying an existing Program
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There can be a lot to consider when modifying a program, whether you want to change the order or update a course without impacting existing assigned learners progress. This guide will cover those ‘what if?’ questions you may have!

How to make edits to the program outline

  1. Go to your program in Content > Programs

  2. Go to the Content tab and click Edit outline

  3. Here you can add steps, change the order, remove existing content, etc

In the video below I will demonstrate how you can add a new course, remove an existing one, and change the order.

Saving a Program outline and how it affects learners

When you are happy with your new program outline and click save, the below pop-up appears, giving you the option to apply the changes to new learners or all learners.

💡 Note! If you make edits in a course that is part of a program, when you publish it the new course will apply to all learners automatically.

Only apply to new learners

All changes made, no matter how small will only affect new learners added to the program afterwards.

What happens to the existing learners?

All existing learners in a program will see the program version that they are assigned to.

In terms of learner progression, existing learners who completed the program 100% will maintain that completed status.

Apply to all learners in progress

When selecting this option it will apply the updated program outline to all existing learners enrolled, excluding learners that are at 100% progress.

Apply to all learners, even completed ones

When selecting this option it will apply the updated program outline to all existing learners enrolled including learners that have completed the program.

Check the version and Assign learners to the latest version of the program

In the program:

  1. Go to the People tab

  2. Check the Version column of the user table

  3. Update the version by either:

  • Clicking on the version link by the learners name

  • Selecting the tick boxes by the names, and click Assign to latest version

  • Select all tick boxes (at the top) and click Assign to latest version

💡 If a learner has been assigned to the latest program version, all changes take effect, so if they haven’t completed the course in the new program outline, they will now have a new course in their program to complete

See the video below, which demonstrates how to assign learners to the latest version of the program

💡 This method updates all learners program outlines to the latest version, including those who have 100% progression


What happens if I assign learners who have already completed a program to the new program and there is new content?

If the learner has not completed that content before, they will be required to complete it once it is assigned (based on when the assignment is due, eg, if there was a delay)

Where can I see what version of the program learners have?

Go to the People tab and check the Version column by each person; you can click on the version for each learner to see the specifics of that version.

I want to update one content step and only want new learners to see the updated course

Make the changes to the program outline and click save, then select 'Only apply to new learners' then click confirm; only new learners enrolled in the program will see the updated outline. More info here

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