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Programs: A beginners guide
Programs: A beginners guide
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A program in Sana allows you to build a learner's journey through a set of steps (courses, lives, or paths) that the user needs to complete.
This article delves into the world of 'Programs' in Sana, a versatile tool designed to enrich your learning and development strategies. In this article, we will cover programs in three steps:

  1. Creating a program

  2. Adding content to a program

  3. Assigning users to your program

What is the value of using programs?

  • Modelling the learner's journey: Programs effectively model a learner's journey, such as an onboarding process for new employees

  • Automating enrollment: Programs allow you to automate the enrollment process, saving time and ensuring consistency of content assignment.

  • Staggered content delivery: Programs allow for different enrollment dates for different users, facilitating staggered content delivery. They also allow for assigning parts of a program based on completion of previous steps, read more about staggered assignments here.

Program use case examples

  • Onboardings: An onboarding program can include a series of steps (courses or lives) that the user shall go through. By utilising automated enrollment rules and smart groups, you can automate content assignment to new hires such that the need for manual labor and assigning of content is eliminated - and you as an admin can be completely hands-off.

  • Break down a longer course: by splitting up a longer course into multiple shorter ones and adding them to a program, the content feels more digestible for the user while they still keep all the courses related to the program in the same place.

Step 1: Create a Program

  1. Go to Manage > Programs

  2. Click New program

  3. Add a name and optional image & description & certificate, then click Save

Step 2: Add content

  1. Go to the Content section and click Add content

  2. Search and Add your content and click Save

  3. Each content will become a step in your program

  4. For each step in your program, you can:

    1. Choose when you want it to be assigned relative to the enrollment date.
      ​(More information about staggered assignments, here)

    2. Set a due date relative to the assignment date.
      ​(More information about due dates, here)

  5. Save you outline by clicking Save

If you want to edit your program outline, you can read more about it here

Step 3: Assign learners

To assign a users to a program follow these steps:

  1. Assign learners by clicking on the People tab

  2. Click Enroll and choose Enroll once or Enrollment rules

  3. Click Save

To enroll a user once

Use enroll once if you want to assign learners or a group to your program one time.

πŸ’‘ If adding a smart group to enroll once, it will only add the current members of the group

To use an enrollment rule

An enrollment rule lets you assign all users matching a rule that you set up.

To create an enrollment rule

  1. Click on the People tab

  2. Click Enroll

  3. Select Create Enrollment rule

  4. Add a name for the enrollment rule

  5. Create a rule to match users. You can filter on groups and custom attributes

  6. Set the Program start date

  7. Preview the users' matching to make sure they match what you expect.

  8. Click Enroll, and the learners will be notified via email or Slack

If you would like to learn more about more advanced enrollment rules, see here

Program start date

Here you can determine when and how learners are assigned to the program:

  • Now - Learners are instantly enrolled in the program and notified by email

  • Set a specific start date - Select a specific date that learners will be assigned

  • Select from specific attribute (see more about this in the advanced guide)

Add a program admin

If you would like to assign a group admin to oversee this a program you can do so by adding them as administrators of the program

  1. Go to Program

  2. Go to Manage admins at the bottom

  3. Type in users name

  4. Click Add

πŸ’‘ If the user is a group admin they will now have visibility of the users in this program and have the ability to add additional content

πŸ’‘ If a user's name does not show when typing, please check that their user role has been set to group admin or administrator.


What do I need to do to create smart groups and programs?

To take full advantage of the user attributes and automation you will need to set up SSO (see more information here) and link your HR system with Sana via SCIM (see more information here).

For more information, please contact your CSM.

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