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Where Sana Live serves as an online classroom solution, Sana's In-person events is designed to efficiently manage and track attendance for in-person learning events. With Sana, you can schedule events, add event details such as title, description, and location, set a participant limit, assign participants, request a seat at an event and even generate a check-in code for marking attendance.

What are in person events in Sana?

In person events are events that can be created and managed within the platform. These training sessions are particularly useful for organizations that require in-person, on-site training for their employees.

Key functionality includes:

  • Scheduling the the time and date

  • Adding details such as title, description, and location

  • Setting a participant limit

  • Allowing host approvals

  • Assigning participants to the event

  • Check-in code for marking attendance

See more about these functionalities in the article below

What is the value of in person events in Sana?

With in person events in Sana, you can:

  • Efficiently manage in-person meetings within the same platform as your live sessions (online meetings)

  • Keep track of attendance, making sure employees are accountable for their training

  • Enable learners to self-enroll or be directly assigned, increasing flexibility and ease of use

  • Incorporate physical trainings into paths and programs, ensuring a comprehensive learning journey for your employee

Use case examples for in person events in Sana

  1. Safety Training in Manufacturing: XYZ Manufacturing uses Sana to schedule a company-wide safety training session. They directly assign all employees to the event, ensuring everyone is aware of the latest safety protocols.

  2. Software Training for Tech Companies: DEF Tech organizes a week-long bootcamp to train developers on a new software. Using Sana, they schedule the sessions, assign relevant developers, and set manager approval for additional attendees.

  3. First Aid Training in Healthcare: GHI Healthcare uses Sana to conduct mandatory first aid training for new hires. They schedule multiple sessions, set participant limits, and directly assign new hires based on their start dates.

πŸ’‘ Note! You can customize the event page by adding images, making it more engaging and visually informative for the learners.

How to create an in person event

  1. Go to Manage > In person events > New event

  2. Enter the event details such as title, location, image

  3. Add at least one session by entering a date and time (you can add more by selecting 'Add another date')

    1. [Optional] Add participants

    2. [Optional] Add facilitators

  4. Choose visibility settings:

    1. Only visible in manage: Only you and admins have visibility of the event in 'Manage' and assigned users are sent a calendar event notification via email

    2. Visible everywhere: all users across the platform have visibility of the event and have the option to enroll

  5. Click Save

Advanced Settings

When creating an event there is a button in the bottom left labelled More options:

  • Participant limit: Set a limit for how many people can enroll to a session. For example, if you have 2 sessions available with a limit of 20 per session, when one session reaches the limit it no longer allows enrollment.

  • Check-in-code [Enabled by default]: When enabled your session will have it's own check-in QR code for registering participation (see more below)

  • Require host approval: When this setting is enabled, you have three options that signify which users will be able to approve the requests:

    • Approval by facilitator

    • Approval by direct manager

    • Approval by specific users

    For this process to function, self-enrollment must be enabled for participants, either through event visibility or direct assignment. Besides the explicitly specified users, these users will also be able to see and handle requests as indirect handlers:

    • The creator of the calendar event

    • Admins and editors of the event group

    • Organization owners and admins (they will see all of them for all event groups/calendar events)

Managing Enrollment Requests

As an event organizer or request handler, you have the ability to manage enrollment requests for your events:

As an Event Organizer

  • Requests will be visible on the event group page

  • Ability to accept or reject with a comment

  • Update an existing accepted or rejected request

  • Receive notification when users make seat requests

As a Request Handler (If the user has access to manage)

  • Requests will be visible on the event group page

  • Ability to accept or reject with a comment

  • See the number of non-answered requests in the manage sidebar

As a Request Sender

  • Ability to send a request to join an in person event, and add an optional comment

  • If the request is rejected, no ability to request

  • If the request is approved, the user is enrolled in the event

  • Should the user unenroll, ability to enroll again using regular self-enroll

  • Receive email notification when the request has been rejected/approved

Track attendance (QR code)

Keep track of who's attended by using Sana's check-in QR code. By default, the check-in-code feature is enabled for every session and it generates a unique QR code which can be found on the session page (via Manage > Events > Select event > Select session)

Display your check-in QR code on a laptop or portable device at the at the start of the event so participants can quickly and easily check-in.

πŸ’‘ QR check-ins do not mark a participant as attended, they are designed to make marking attendance easier. To see users who've checked-in see below

Mark Attendance

You can mark attendance with the Mark attendance button in the session (via Manage > In-person events > Select event > change drop down to Past sessions > Select session)

After selecting the Mark attendance button you are presented with all the users who checked in at the top and those that didn't below:


Where does an in person event appear if it is set to 'Visible everywhere'?

It appears in upcoming events on the home page for all users in the organization

Can I add an in person event to a program or path?

Yes, adding the in-person event to a program and a path in Sana is possible. This allows for seamless integration of in person training into your overall training structure

Can learners self-enroll in these in person events?

Yes, learners have the option to self-enroll in in person events. Admins also have the choice to hide certain events from self-enrollment if necessary

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