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Setting up a Sana Live session
Setting up a Sana Live session

Here's everything you need to know about how to set up a Sana Live session

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Built right into the platform, designed explicitly for learning, Sana Live lets you run virtual and hybrid training sessions that are interactive, inclusive, and bursting with life.

  • Sana simplifies and enhances live learning. Groups can explore ideas, test their knowledge, and build trust without switching tabs

  • Keep up the energy and engagement with interactive quizzes, chat threads, emoji reactions, and more

  • Prep and host the perfect session by setting up everything in advance and seeing how the group is responding

  • Create more immersive learning journeys by blending live collaborative sessions with personalized self-paced courses

How to schedule a Live session

In the live course editor:

  1. Click:

    1. Schedule session to schedule a session for later

    2. The drop-down arrow next to schedule session and select Start instant session to start session now

    3. View all also appears in the drop-down so you can see existing sessions

  2. When scheduling a session for later enter information into the module as demonstrated in the video below

  3. Enable Allow guests, if you want to allow users without a Sana account to join

  4. Click Publish and you're done! An email notification with a calendar invite will be sent to the facilitators and any participants you may have added.

๐Ÿ’ก If you wish to add users via a program, learn more here

๐Ÿ’ก See more about smart transcriptions and summaries here

Advanced settings for Sana Live sessions

To further customize your Sana Live sessions and ensure they run smoothly, you can take advantage of the advanced settings. Hereโ€™s how to access and configure these options:

Accessing advanced settings

  • In the live course editor, after clicking on Schedule session, scroll down further to locate the Advanced section and click on the drop-down arrow to access additional options.

Advanced options available:

  • Insert a participation limit:

    • Set a maximum number of participants to manage the size of your session effectively.

    • Note that the facilitator is included in this count.

  • Make content available after session:

    • This setting is always on by default

    • Activate this option if you want users to be able to access the session content after it has concluded.

    • This is useful for participants who may need to review the material again.

  • Hide from public sessions:

    • This option allows you to control the visibility of the session within your organization. It is ideal for private events such as internal meetings, private webinars, or exclusive workshops

    • The session will only be listed in the upcoming events on the homepage for users that are assigned to the session.

    • If the course is 'Available to everyone' but the session is hidden, the session will not appear in the scheduled sessions, Teamspace, or on the homepage for users who are not assigned, even though the live course itself is visible.

    • Users cannot self-enroll to hidden sessions.

  • Only Let Users Join When Session Starts:

    • Enable this setting to restrict participants from joining the session before the official start time, ensuring that everyone joins simultaneously.

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