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Email notifications are a useful tool for alerting users when new content is assigned to them and reminding them to complete the content. This is a great way for users to stay on top of tasks and keep up with any changes or updates to their assigned content.

Please check out the below for how notifications and reminders are configured depending on what content is assigned.

💡 Take charge of your Sana notifications! Quickly adjust your preferences by clicking the icon in the top left corner > Settings > Email Notifications. This way, you stay informed on what matters most to you

Notification timing

Notifications for future events, such as due dates, future assignments, and certificates expiring, are sent at 9:00 AM in the user's timezone. This ensures that notifications are timely and relevant to the user's current day.

  • Default Timezone: If a user has not specified a preferred timezone, notifications default to UTC time

  • Special Consideration: For sessions scheduled before 9:00 AM, notifications are sent 10 minutes before the session starts

This timing strategy helps in making sure that all users, regardless of their location, receive their notifications at a consistent and reasonable hour

Ad Hoc Notifications for Programs:

Ad hoc notifications are designed for immediate, one-time messages

  • Instant Delivery: These notifications are sent instantly, bypassing the regular schedule to ensure critical information and reminders are conveyed without delay

  • User Interaction Consideration: To prevent overwhelming users, those who have interacted with Sana within the last 24 hours will not receive new ad hoc notifications

Course notifications

When a course is assigned to a user or a group:

  • Users will be notified by email with a link that allows them to access the course

  • If a user is unassigned from a course, they will receive an email notification informing them of this change

Has a due date been set? If yes, see below reminder notifications:

  • 3 days before due date

  • 1 day before due date

  • 1 day after due date

  • 7 days after due date

If a learner has completed the course, reminder notifications are instantly disabled.

If there is no due date the learner will only receive the initial assigned email and no reminder emails.

💡 Setting a due date for courses is important for organizations that require learners to take a course. Doing so will ensure that learners are taking the course on time and that all course requirements are being met

Sana live notifications

When a Sana live session is assigned to a user or a group:

  • An email with the time and session link will be sent (see below image for an example)

  • If a user is unassigned from a session, they will receive a notification informing them of this update

  • If you have Google Calendar integration you will be prompted to RSVP

Reminder notification

  • A reminder email is sent on the morning of the session

Recap Notifications

  • Notification when a recap for a live session is ready

  • Notification when a session recap is shared

Updated Calendar Event

  • Notification when a calendar event the user is part of is updated

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If a Sana Live has self-enrollment configured the assigned users will receive an email requesting that they ‘choose session’ time and date.

Once they have enrolled they will receive an email with the confirmed time and date along with a calendar invite

Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 15.29.23.png

Path notifications

When a Path is assigned to a user or a group:

  • Users will be notified by email with a link that allows them to access the Path

All reminder notifications will be dependent on the content within the path - see Course notifications and Sana Live notifications above

Collaboration notifications

  • Added as collaborator: when a user is added as a collaborator

  • Collaboration request: when a user receives a request to collaborate

  • Added as commentator: when a user is added specifically to comment

  • Comment mention: when a user is mentioned in a comment

  • Comment thread response: when there is a new response in a comment thread the user is part of

Certificates notifications

  • Certificate expiring: to the user when a certificate they hold is nearing its expiration date.

  • Certificate issued: when a user is issued a new certificate.

  • Certificate expiring (for issuer): to the issuer when a certificate is nearing its expiration date

Teamspace notification

When a user requests access to a Teamspace:

  • Request Access: Owner of the Teamspace will be notified by email, indicating that access to a specific Teamspace has been requested

Assignments and reviews notifications

  • Notification when a new homework submission is made by a learner

  • Notification when a user receives a review on their submission or performance

Account management notifications

For actions related to account account management and security:

  • Verify Email: Users will receive an email notification prompting them to verify their email address to ensure it's correctly linked to their account

  • Reset Password: Users will be notified by email with instructions on how to reset their password

  • Invitation to Sana: When a user is invited to join Sana, they'll receive an email notification with an invitation link. This ensures users can easily access and set up their account


What if I make any changes to an existing course or Sana Live?

Whether you unassign a user/group, delete assigned content or change the time of a Sana Live session the assigned will be notified accordingly

If I have 5 courses with a due date on the same day, will I get 5 individual emails?

No, they will be summarized into one and the same email.

Why am I not receiving email notifications?

Please wait up to 10 minutes to receive an email, check your email spam, if you still have not received an email it’s possible that email notifications are turned off for your organization. Please get in touch with your CSM if you have any questions regarding this

I do not have Google Calendar email integration, what now?

Sana attaches an .ics file to every user assigned to a live session

I invited a new user to Sana but they didn't receive an email, what now?

Go to Manage > Users, locate the user and check their status in the top left. If it still states ‘invite pending’ then click on Send invite again. Ask the recipient to check their email inbox and spam

I do not get a specific notification that is listed, what should I do?
If you're missing a specific notification, first check your notification settings to ensure it is active. For instance, notifications for exercise review submissions are off by default to minimize inbox clutter. You can activate them or any other specific notifications by navigating to your profile settings under email notifications. Make sure the notifications you wish to receive are enabled

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