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Sana Live: Recording a session
Sana Live: Recording a session
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Sana recording is a feature that enables users to capture the live interactions and discussions during a Sana Live session. The recorded session can then be accessed and replayed at a later time via the recap.

πŸ’‘ Sana recording is only available on Chrome and Edge browsers

What is the value of Recording a Sana Live?

Recording a Sana Live session can greatly enhance your Sana experience:

  • Time-Efficient: You can revisit the recorded session at your convenience, saving time and effort.

  • Inclusive: Those who missed the live session can still access the information.

  • Reference Material: The recorded session can serve as a valuable resource for future reference or training.

Use Case Examples for Recording a Sana Live

  1. Training Sessions: If you're conducting a training session, the recording can be used for future reference or for those who couldn't attend the live session.

  2. Team Meetings: Recordings of team meetings can be useful for team members who were absent or for revisiting important discussions.

How to Record a Sana Live

First off it's worth noting:

Recording takes place in the session

Only one facilitator can record the session at one time

It uses the browsers in-built screen recording tech to record your browser window

  1. Join the Sana Live session you want to record as a facilitator

  2. Click on the Record button

  3. Click Set up

  4. Press Allow to allow permissions to your browser to record

  5. Then recording has begun

  6. All other participants in the session are then notified that a recording has begun and then have to press continue if they are happy to continue in the session.

7. Stop the recording by pressing the record button again

πŸ’‘ A Stop sharing button appears at the top of the browser, this is referring to the the tab sharing the screen for recording purposes. If you click this button it ends the recording

How to view the recording


The live session link is also the same as the recap link, this link is where you can access the recording and the cards from the session

We have a comprehensive guide on recaps, learn more here

Download or copy link of the video recording

In some circumstances you may require to download the video recording of a session or share a link to the video which excludes the information shared in the recap:

  1. Go to Manage > Content

  2. Select the live course

  3. Select Past sessions in the drop down above the session table

  4. Find your session and click on it

  5. Scroll to the bottom and click the 3-dot menu to download or copy link


What browsers can I record in?

Chrome and Edge (Safari is not supported)

Can I pause a recording?

No, if you stop the recording and start recording again, a second video is created. It is advised that you only start and stop recording a session once

Where can I find my recorded Sana Live sessions?

In the recap or download your sessions via the content manage page, see above

Can I share my recorded sessions with others?

Yes, you can share your recorded sessions with others by providing them with the link to the recap. The recap link is the same as the Sana live session link

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