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Introducing Sana’s new recap experience!

In real-time Sana automatically transcribes every word said and does the note-taking for you! At the end of the session, Sana summarizes it all and presents it in a way that's easy to understand, keeping all participants aligned and informed.

And the best part? All the information, outcomes, and knowledge from your sessions are now searchable and accessible to all participants, improving decision-making and closing knowledge gaps.

💡 The current version of this feature performs superior for English-speaking meetings. (better support for more languages is coming soon)

What's new?

Once a live session has ended, all users who attended the session have access to the new recap:


Sana automatically transcribes the audio stream of each user during a session, organizing the data into timestamped and named written paragraphs. If you recorded the session, the transcription becomes an interactive tool and lets you click on a point in time when the words were spoken.

Additionally, as a facilitator you can choose to hide these transcriptions for all participants. They will then receive only the summary, simplifying the interface and focusing on concise information.

Smart Summary

Leveraging the transcription data Sana generates a meeting summary in real-time which can be accessed via the live summary button during the session or at the end of the session. Additionally, you have the ability to edit the summary.

Participant List
In the recap, you can see the list of participants directly, providing a clearer overview and enabling more effective follow-up interactions.

Video Recording

If you recorded the session then your video recording appears at the top of the recap.

Universal Search

In conjunction with transcriptions you can conveniently retrieve knowledge and information from your previous sessions by searching for specific terms.

How to enable smart transcriptions and summaries

When scheduling a session:

  1. Go to Schedule session in the top right of the editor view

  2. Enter scheduling details as you would normally (ie. date, time, facilitators etc)

  3. Scroll down and turn on Enable smart transcriptions and summaries

  4. During the session, you see a new button in the top bar where you can follow the smart summary as it updates in real-time and once the session has ended you will be presented with the new recap.

💡 Note that a session has to run for a short amount of time before a summary is generated

During a session:

If you are a facilitator you can enable or disable transcriptions in the 3 dot menu in the top right

Screenshot 2023-07-13 at 22.58.04.png

How to edit the smart summary

Once the session has ended the summary can be collaboratively edited, allowing for amendments by clicking in the text box


How am I informed if a Live session is being transcribed?

  • Before the session starts we ensure that you are fully aware in the pre-lobby by displaying a prominent message at the bottom of the screen

  • Once you join a session you will be notified if the feature is enabled, this may happen when you first join or later depending on when the feature is enabled

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How can I share the recap?

The recap link is the same link that was used for the session, this can be found either in your calendar event or you can find this via the scheduler.

Who can access the recap?

  • Assigned Sana users and any Sana account users with the link

  • If Allow guest access is enabled for the session, anyone with the session link can access the recap

How do I disable transcriptions?

If you would like to disable this feature this can be done from the scheduler or in the session accessing the 3 dot menu at the top right.

How can I find a recap with Sana’s Universal Search?

It’s as easy as pie! Search for keywords from the session our search tool will do the rest.

Who can access the recap with search?

Only users who actively joined or were assigned to a session will have the ability to search for the Recap.

Can I download the video recording?

Yes, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Manage > Content

  2. Select the Live course

  3. Click the Upcoming sessions drop-down and select Past sessions

  4. Select the session and scroll to the bottom of the next page, you'll find the recording

  5. Click on the 3 dot menu and select Download

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