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Editing a Sana Live session
Editing a Sana Live session
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In the dynamic world of online learning, the ability to adapt and modify content in real-time is invaluable. Sana Live's editing feature empowers educators and trainers to enhance the learning experience by making changes before, during, and after a live session.

Editing a Sana Live Session is a feature that allows course creators and facilitators to modify course content and structure at any point in the learning process. This includes:

  • Before a Session: Update course materials and session outlines to ensure relevance and engagement

  • During a Session: Make real-time adjustments based on learner feedback or to better align with the session's flow

  • After a Session: Refine content for future sessions based on insights gained

The Value of Editing a Sana Live Session

Why incorporate this feature into your e-learning strategy? Here are several benefits:

  • Flexibility: Adapt learning content on-the-fly to meet the needs of your audience

  • Engagement: Keep learners engaged with content that is responsive and interactive

  • Continuous Improvement: Use feedback to refine and enhance course materials over time

  • Efficiency: Save time by making necessary changes directly within the live session environment

Use Case Examples for Editing a Sana Live Session

  1. Adapting to Learner Feedback: During a live session, a facilitator notices several questions about a specific topic and decides to insert an additional resource on-the-spot to address these queries

  2. Course Correction: A trainer realizes a particular section of the course is not resonating with the audience and decides to skip ahead to more relevant content, adjusting the session's flow in real-time

  3. Post-Session Updates: After a session, an educator receives feedback that a certain example used was outdated. They update the material for future sessions to keep the content current and relevant

How to Edit a Sana Live Session

Changes Before a Session

Making changes to a Sana Live course before a session directly impacts the upcoming session. This could be modifying the course content, adding new materials, or adjusting the session's structure. These changes are reflected in the upcoming session, providing learners with the most up-to-date and relevant content.

It's important to carefully consider any changes made before a session. Ensure they enhance the learning experience and align with the session's objectives. Remember, last-minute changes could potentially confuse learners, so it's always best to communicate any significant modifications ahead of time.

Changes During a Session

One of the standout features of Sana Live is the ability to make real-time changes during a session. This allows for a responsive and adaptive learning environment, where content can be adjusted on the fly based on learner feedback, questions, or the session's flow.

Real-time changes could include adding supplementary materials, adjusting the order of topics, or incorporating learner input into the session. These changes are immediately visible to learners, fostering an interactive and engaging learning experience.

As a facilitator, you can open up the editor during the session using the edit content button at the top (to the right of the navigation arrows), see the icon and video below:

Changes After a Session

After a session, you may want to make changes based on feedback or to improve future sessions. However, it's important to note that these changes will not affect participants who previously attended and their session recap. The recap serves as a record of the session as it occurred, providing learners with a consistent reference point.

๐Ÿ’ก Changes made after a session will only impact future sessions. This allows you to continuously improve and refine your course content while preserving the integrity of past sessions for review and reference.


Will changes made during a session affect the session recap for participants?
No, changes made after a session has concluded will not alter the session recap for past participants. Recaps serve as a record of the session as experienced by attendees

Who can edit the session?
The ability to edit a session is reserved for facilitators. Facilitators have the authority to make real-time adjustments to the course content during a live session. Additionally, a facilitator can grant editing privileges by making other participants facilitators as well, ensuring a collaborative and adaptable learning environment

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