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Programs: Adhoc Email Reminders
Programs: Adhoc Email Reminders
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Sana's adhoc program reminders are a great tool designed to keep learners engaged and on track. This feature allows program admins to send custom reminders to learners enrolled in programs.

What is the value of Adhoc Program Reminder?

Adhoc program reminders can significantly enhance your Sana experience by:

  • Increasing learner engagement and completion rates: Regular reminders can keep learners engaged and motivate them to complete their programs

  • Saving time: Instead of manually reminding each learner, administrators can send reminders to all enrolled learners in progress with just a few clicks

How to Send Program Reminders

  1. Go to Manage > Programs

  2. Select the program for which you want to set a reminder

  3. Click on the People tab

  4. Use the multi-select tool to select the learners

  5. Click the Send reminder button

  6. Press Send reminder and that's it!

💡 Once you hit send, email notifications are sent to all users in the list

The email contents

See below examples of what is contained in the email reminder:

  • Program name: eg. Becoming a Leader at Fable

  • Due date: eg. Due 2024-02-07

  • How many steps in the program remain: eg. 7 steps remaining

  • Button directing learners to the program overview: 'Wrap up your learning'


Why can't I send an email reminder to a learner or why were they removed from the list

You can’t select learners at 100% completion or recently contacted learners*.

*Contacted within 24 hours by Sana

Can I customize the content of the reminder?

No, the reminder uses the program banner image and pre-determined text

How often can I send reminders?

You can send reminders as often as you deem necessary every 24 hours. However, it is recommended to not overwhelm learners with too many reminders.

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