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What is the Sana Media Library?

The media library in Sana LMS provides centralized storage and management of image assets used in courses and learning content. Organizing relevant brand-approved imagery in one place streamlines discovery and access for both course creators and designers.

The value of the Media Library

Instead of ad hoc image uploads that take up storage space, the media library includes valuable for:

  • Brand consistency: Organize approved imagery into a unified taxonomy system for easy on-brand asset reuse.

  • Simplified course creation: Quickly embed required images from the intuitive course editor.

  • Centralized image management: Store all images in one central media library to simplify search and updates.

Uploading files

To add files to the media library in Sana, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Manage > Settings > Customise > Media Library

  2. Click "Manage media library"

  3. Select files from your computer to upload

  4. Edit file details like title and description (optional)

  5. Organise files into folders with Tags (optional)

  6. The images can now be accessed in Create!

Using media library assets

Uploaded media library files can be accessed whenever you want to add an image to a course or Live session in Create. Simply add an image and it will be accessible in the left menu next to "Generate image" and "Browse".

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