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Customizing your Sana domain
Customizing your Sana domain
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As an administrator, you can customize your Sana domain and align to your company brand, making it more recognizable to your users. Among other things, you can choose colours and fonts, and update the logo.

What is the value of customizing your Sana domain?

Customizing your Sana domain provides several benefits:

  • Brand Consistency: A customized domain aligns with your organization's branding, making the learning platform feel like a natural extension of your existing digital environment. This can enhance brand recognition and trust among your users.

  • User Experience: A customized domain is often more accessible for users to remember and find, improving the overall user experience. It can also give users a sense of ownership and familiarity, which can increase engagement and usage.

  • Credibility: A custom domain can lend credibility to your learning platform. It shows that you have invested in creating a dedicated space for learning and development, which can be particularly important for external users like partners or customers.

How to customize your Sana page

STEP 1: Find the Manage page

Go to Manage > Settings > Scroll down to "Customization"

​STEP 2: Customise according to your needs

1. Set a preferred timezone

This will optimize the sendout of reminders and other Sana notifications.

2. Upload a logo as an SVG file

The logo will be shown on the top left corner of the user's Sana page.

3. Upload a favicon as a PNG, GIF, or ICO

This icon will be shown on the tabs of the user's browser.

4. Edit your page title

This text will show up on the tab of the user's browser.

5. Custom your headline and body fonts

This will determine both the text of your Sana homepage and the fonts used in Create.

6. Update your company colors as themes.

Interface theme: Set the default theme for buttons in Sana

Other custom themes: Select a default cover theme. Customize with colors of your choosing that will determine the coloring options when your users create content in Sana. We support an unlimited number of color themes. Simply pick the background and text colors.

7. Add a welcome message

You can also add a customized welcome message, that will appear for all users upon log in.

8. (Optional) Add a custom SSO

If you have SSO enabled, you can also customize the name of the SSO button to for example "Sign in as a X employee". If you have multiple SSOs, you can have multiple buttons.

STEP 3: Save your changes

Once you are satisfied with your customization, remember to save your changes. Click on the "Save" button at the bottom right of the page.

💡 Interested in customizing the homepage with different content for users? Read more about featured content, where you can adjust and pin what courses show up on the learner's homepage here.

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