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This feature is currently in beta.

With Generate from file, we are making it easier and faster than ever to create engaging courses in Sana based on existing learning materials. Upload your files and watch Sana generate a course based on the text in the document.

How it works

When uploading your PDF, Sana's assistant will go through the pages one by one and generate a corresponding card in Sana. The assistant will try to output text similar to the original page, but since it is generating text it will not be a one-to-one representation of the PDF. It's important to note that the quality and structure of the generated course can vary depending on the complexity and formatting of the original PDF. While our tool does its best to create an organized course, it may require manual adjustments to achieve the desired outcome.

The existing feature version is most proficient at processing text-heavy PDFs, but we are actively progressing towards accommodating PDFs which include a variety of formats. We are also working on being able to extract text from images, which is common for presentations that have been converted into PDFs.

Interactive elements

The assistant will automatically insert interactive elements, such as reflection, poll and question cards in the generated course in order to create an engaging course.

Additional info:

  • Images that are extracted in the generation can be moved and re-sized to your liking after inserting the cards into the editor

  • The assistant extracts a title for each card based on headings in the PDF. The first card will always be a Title card with a generated title.

  • The assistant tries to read tables, but the output may vary depending on how the table in the original PDF is formatted.

  • The current version supports PDF with up to 30 pages. For PDFs larger than that, we recommend splitting them up.


Step 1: Upload file

In the editor:

  1. Click the arrow next to the Add card button in the bottom left, then click Generate from file

  2. Drag and drop your PDF or click Browse files to choose your file and the assistant will begin generating the course

See a demonstration below of a course being generated from a PDF presentation about machine learning

๐Ÿ’ก As content generation takes place, you are able to follow it in real-time. If you wish to halt the process, simply click on the pause button located in the lower left corner.

Re-generate cards

After the generation is done, it is possible to either re-generate specific cards or all cards. You can also save specific cards by clicking the 3-dot menu. These cards will then not be re-generated if you want to re-generate the rest of the course.

Step 2: Insert into course

If you are happy with the results, simply click Insert cards and and the generated cards are saved to your deck. From here, you can continue editing the course and add more interactive elements, customize it or publish it directly.

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