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Connecting Google Drive with Sana Universal Search
Connecting Google Drive with Sana Universal Search

Sana Search indexes data from within your Sana org and can retrieve Google Drive documents and files, providing optimized search results.

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Sana Universal Search delivers the right answers from your internal data in Google Drive and your Sana org. It helps you find the information you need, when you need it. You can search for answers not only by keywords but also using natural language, in almost any language.

By connecting Google Drive with Sana Search, users can get answers and results based on their data in Google Drive, providing optimized search results. To do so, the Google Workspace admin must first mark the Sana app as trusted, after which the Sana admin can enable the integration for the users.

How to set it up:

On Google Workspace:

  1. In App access control, click Manage Third-Party App Access.

  2. For Configured apps, click Add app.

  3. Choose OAuth App Name or Client ID, Android, or IOS.

5. Point to the app and click Select.

6. Check the boxes for the client ID and click Select.

7. Select Trusted and click Configure

How to connect: Users

After this, each user needs to connect to Google Drive in their own Search.

  1. Open Universal Search

  2. Click Connect

  3. Choose the app you would like to connect (in this case, Google Drive)

  4. Log in and allow permissions et voilà!

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