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Sana's Universal Search: A beginners guide
Sana's Universal Search: A beginners guide
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Unleash the power of Sana's Universal Search, an AI-driven powerhouse designed to swiftly navigate through your content, locate files, and deliver precise answers. With a simple prompt, you can tap into the collective knowledge of your organization, spanning all Sana-created content and integrated apps. Experience lightning-fast results and intelligent feedback, tailored to your needs. With Sana's Universal Search, the information you need is always at your fingertips, fueling productivity and fostering a culture of knowledge sharing.

💡 You can access your company’s library of information in moments, with applications from Slack to Salesforce, G-Suite to Microsoft Sana integrates with all your company’s tools in under 5 minutes.

Check out how to set up your integrations here.

Universal Search & the Assistant

Universal Search

Just write what you want to know in your own words and Sana will search every last doc, message, slide, spreadsheet, and more.

If you haven’t connected any of your apps yet such as Google Drive or Microsoft, check out this easy guide here

  1. Type your prompt

  2. And your results are on display

💡 If you press enter, you’ll go into the assistant chat mode. If you just want to search for results, there’s no need to press enter (see more here)

Filter results by

  • All apps

  • Select a specific app so you only get results from one source

Sana’s Assistant in Universal Search

Powered by ChatGPT, Sana’s AI assistant is integrated into Universal Search. To use it, follow a similar format to using search by just writing what you want to know in your own words but this time press Enter and Sana’s AI will provide a result based on your prompt

  1. Type your prompt

  2. Press Enter

  3. And Sana’s AI will get to work

  4. Feel free to converse with the assistant to refine results or get more information.

💡 For more information and tips and tricks for using the assistant click here

Top Tip!

If you want to reference a specific course in Sana, type @ followed by the course name in your prompt

What can I use Universal Search for?

  • Find course information

  • Searching for company knowledge (from Sana content to connected apps via integrations!)

  • Look for inspiration to build courses

  • Answer any question with the AI assistant!

  • Search transcriptions from Sana Live sessions when smart transciptions and summaries has been enabled. Never regret not taking notes again.

Who can use Universal Search and the Assistant?

Everyone with a Sana account has access to Universal Search and the Assistant.

For Sana content

Your search results will only contain information from content you have access to. For example, content you are assigned as a learner or content you have collaborator rights to as an admin

For external content (integrations)

Every user must authenticate themselves to each external integration and has access to the same scope they have for the specific service. For example, a user who adds a Google Drive integration can see the same files they could see if searching directly in Google Drive.


How does the search algorithm learn?

We use a dedicated training set of internal data to manually and automatically train our ranking algorithm to find the most relevant matches. No customer data is used, unless specifically agreed upon.

Furthermore, we log the queries asked by users, and how a user interacted with the results or the assistant, so that we can learn to serve the types of queries users need the most in the best way possible.

The Universal Search assistant answer is based on OpenAI's large language models. OpenAI does not train their models on API data.

Will Sana index all our data in these services?

Sana does not index any data from the API integrations. It is transient through the search process, and not stored after the search query is completed.

For native Sana content, the content is indexed on the same servers as we store content in general.

Notion is the only indexed external source, as Notion's search APIs are limited in scope and performance. To set up a Notion integration, please contact Sana's product team via your Sana representative.

Can every user see every document?

Each user is authenticating themselves and can see results only from the scope they have access to in each individual service. For example, a user can see the same results from Google Drive that they could see if searching directly from Google Drive.

Will our data go into the model, so others might access it?

OpenAI does not train their models on the data passed through the API. Sana Labs has a Zero Data Retention policy in place with OpenAI, which means that request and response bodies are not persisted to any logging mechanism and exist only in memory in order to serve the request. Source: OpenAI's API data usage policies

Sana does not store the data. We store the user queries to improve our search algorithms and to be able to offer insights to your organization in the future.

No data leaks from one organization to another.

For further information, please find Sana's data privacy documentation below.

Can I, as an admin, enable the integrations for the whole organization?

You can control which integrations are available to the organization, and which ones will feed into the assistant response.

It is currently not possible to enable and add the integrations for all users as an admin, as each user must authenticate themselves to get access to their private files. See more about integrations here

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