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Manage: Universal Search & App integrations
Manage: Universal Search & App integrations
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Say goodbye to scattered knowledge and information silos with Sana’s universal search app integrations. Sana integrates with all your company’s tools in under 5 minutes allowing you to locate the data you need in no time! This article will cover how you can connect and disconnect app integrations, but if you wish to learn more about universal search and the assistant click here.

App integrations

Currently, available integrations include the following:

  • Slack

  • Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, etc.). Read more here.

  • Microsoft (Teams, Sharepoint, OneDrive).

  • Salesforce, read more here.

  • Github

  • Box

Managing Universal Search and app integrations available to my organization

You can control which integrations are available to the organization, and which ones will feed into the assistant's responses.

Simply go to Manage > Settings > Search section

Here you will have the option to:

  • Enable Open AI-based assistant responses when there is no match in your organizations knowledge

  • Enable new integrations by default, when new integrations are available from Sana they will automatically be enabled for your organization

  • Control each individual app integration

    • Let users add the specific integration, e.g. their Google Drive account, to Universal Search

    • Let the assistant read and answer - allows ChatGPT to read the integrated apps data to provide answers

💡 While admins have the ability to enable app integrations each user must authenticate themselves to get access to their private files (see below)

How users can connect their apps to universal search

  1. Click to open Universal Search

  2. Click Connect

  3. Choose the app you would like to connect

  4. Log in and allow permissions et voilà!

💡 To disconnect from an app, click on the Connect button in search again


Why can I not connect some apps

For some apps, you may need additional permissions from your organization to access and connect. Please contact the administrator of the application at your organization to find out more.

Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 21.22.11.png

If a user connects one of the available app integrations can that user search through all of the organizations data?

No, that user can only search through the data that they currently have access to, e.g, if they connect their Google Drive, they can only search for documents or files that they can access if they visit their Google Drive account.

If a user connects an integration, can anyone search the integration’s content?

No, each user can only search through their own content.

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