How to create tags and add them to content.

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What are tags and why are they valuable?

Tags are used as a way to categorize and organize content. Tags are useful for:

  • Admins: Organizing content. Tags help in categorizing content based on different themes, topics, or categories. When in Manage > Content, you can filter based on tags to navigate the courses and easily find what you are looking for.

  • Users: Improving navigation. Tags make it easier for users to find content related per topic. By using tags, users can easily navigate and explore all content related to a specific topic or category, all in the same place.

The users find the tags at the bottom of their Sana homepage.

Examples of useful tags

  • Company-wide content

    • Skills: tag all courses related to a specific skill such as operations, IT, leadership, reporting, etc.

    • Policies and manuals: tags can be used to group company policies and manuals for the user's easiest access on the homepage.

  • Content for specific groups

    • Role-specific content: shared internal sales trainings, marketing guidelines or other team-specific content that is available for an entire group makes it easy for them to find all content related to a specific group.

πŸ’‘ Who sees my tag? It depends on how you set the visibility of the tagged content. If the content is set to be "visible to all", then all users will see the tag on the homepage. If content is set only visible to some users, then only those users will see the tag.

Setting up and managing tags

Finding tags

As an admin, you can find the tags under Manage > Tags.

How to create and add tags to content

Create tag:

  1. Go to Manage > Tags

  2. Click Add tag and click Create

  3. Add tag Name, description and an image!

  4. Click Save

Add to content:

  1. Go to your content Settings

    1. via Manage > Content > select content > Settings

    2. via Editor > 3-dot menu > Settings

  2. Find the Tags field

    1. Search for existing tags. Click them to tag the course or Live, erase to remove.

    2. Can't find the tag you are looking for? Write the name of the tag you want to create, press the tag, add a description and save. Now, you have created a new tag that you can use to tag other content of a similar topic.

  3. Click Save

Watch the video below to see how to create a tag and add it to content

πŸ’‘ You can add multiple tags to one course.

Where do learners see my tagged content?

Once you have created your tag and add it to content the tag and its image will display as a category on the home page. The content that the tag was added to appears within the category

A learner only sees the category and content within if:

  • The content is assigned to the learner

  • The content visibility is set to visible everywhere

πŸ’‘ If you have created a tag and not add it to content or add it to content and not made the content visible to anyone it will not appear on the home page

How to edit existing tags and add images

For that extra on-brand feel, you can tweak the images and descriptions to all the tags surfaced at the bottom of the page.

Click on the 3 dot menu of an existing tag and select Edit

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