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What are certificates?

Do you want to make your online courses more rewarding and attractive for your learners? Generate a personalized certificate for your learners when they finish a course or complete a program. They’re a great way to showcase a learners’ skills, knowledge and enhance their credibility and reputation.

Other benefits:

  • Certificates motivate learners to engage with the course content and complete the course.

  • They validate learners’ progress and achievements and boost their confidence and self-esteem.

  • They help you uphold your company standards and ensure that your learners meet the required criteria and expectations.

Online course certificates are a powerful tool for rewarding learners, promoting your brand, and growing your business. If you want to learn more about how to create and deliver effective online course certificates, read on.

How to Create Certificates

Create, design, and issue certificates inside the Sana platform! You can either create a certificate and connect it to a course or you can issue a certificate manually to individual learners.

Step 1: Create a certificate

Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Manage > Certificates

  2. Click New Certificate

  3. Enter the certificate information; Title, Description, Certificate authority and Validity period

  4. (If you’re happy with the design click Save and jump to Step 3)

Step 2: Design your certificate

If you wish to customize your certificate design follow the below steps:

  1. Click on the Design tab in the same window

  2. Choose your template, font color, background image and more!

  3. Click Save

💡 If you're creating a custom background for your certificate, see the template dimensions here or scroll down

Step 3: Issue your certificate

Connect a certificate to a course or program

  1. In Manage > Certificates, select the certificate you want to assign

  2. Click Manage

  3. Select course or program

  4. Click Save

Manually issue a certificate

  1. Go to Manage > Certificates

  2. Select certificate

  3. Click Issue

  4. Select learners and specify issue date (optional)

  5. Click Issue

Who can issue a certificate?

  • Admins can create and issue certificates to all users in your platform

  • Group admins by default cannot access certificates in manage. Please contact your CSM to enable certificate access (note: this does not allow certificate creation)

How you can view learners awarded with a certificate

Simply click on the certificate under Manage > Certificates

Download or Revoke a Certificate for a user

If you wish to download the certificate as a PDF or revoke the certificate from a learner follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Manage > Certificates

  2. Select Certificate

  3. Click on the 3 dot menu next to the learners name

  4. Select View issued certificate/Revoke certificate

How can learners see their received certificates?

Once a learner has completed the course or program that the certificate is issued to there are a few ways that a learner gains access to their certificate:

  • Email - As soon as the learner has completed the course or program they are sent an email notification

  • My library - users can click on 'My library' in the side bar and find all issued certificates under the Insights card

Certificate template dimensions

There are 3 different templates, please see the dimensions of each below:

  • Classic 1920x1357 (size of A4 paper)

  • Minimal 1920x1357 (size of A4 paper)

  • External: 1920x1251 (size of A4 paper minus the lower part of the template)


If I create a certificate for a course that users have already taken, will all users who have taken the course receive a certificate?

No, only learners who take the course after the certificate creation will be awarded. However, if you wish to still award these learners use the Manually issue certificate feature to award learners

Are there any notifications sent when the certificate is nearing expiry? Who does it get sent to?

Yes – a notification is sent out 30 days and 7 days in advance of the expiration.

What happens when the certificate expires?

Certificates will display red text when nearing expiration or expired. For learners this displays in my library and managers on a users page

How do you manage it when a certificate is based on a piece of learning which stays the same (i.e. does the learner progress have to be reset and is that previous completion data saved anywhere)?

  • Yes the learners can rectify by reseting the progress

  • All records are saved. The easiest way to extract them for you is by downloading the certificate table where you get info about who has been awarded the course

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