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Programs: Edit, Pause, and Delete Enrollment rules
Programs: Edit, Pause, and Delete Enrollment rules
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How to edit an existing enrollment rule

Sometimes, things change, or mistakes happen (we're all human!). By editing enrollment rules, admins can adjust rules to changing circumstances.

  • Go to Manage > Programs > Choose the program of interest

  • Scroll down to find the enrollment rules. Click "Edit rule"

  • Make whatever changes necessary

  • Save the rule, and from now on, learners matching the new criteria will be enrolled

💡 Note that editing an enrollment rule has the same behaviour as if you delete the rule and make a new one with the same name. That means that users who have been enrolled with the previous rules will not be unenrolled from the program.

How to pause or delete an enrollment rule

Sometimes, you need to put your enrollment rules on hold whether you’re going on holiday or if there are unforeseen circumstances. But don't worry; you can pause or remove enrollment rules when you want.

In the program:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page, where you can see all enrollment rules

  2. Either click the switch or delete the enrollment rule there

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