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Programs: Automated emails
Programs: Automated emails
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Elevate the learning experience and save time by integrating automated and personalized email communications directly within a program. Read below to find out more!

What are email steps?

A program is made up of steps which can either be emails or content (courses or paths). Including automated emails in your programs:

  • Integrates email send-outs into the flow of your learning programs

  • Enables the customization of email content and timing to match the learner's journey

  • Bridges the gap between learning and development (L&D) and marketing automation efficiencies

Why should I use email steps?

  • Personalized learning journey: Craft emails that speak directly to the learner's progress and milestones.

  • Increased engagement: Timely and relevant emails keep learners informed and motivated throughout the program

  • Marketing automation for L&D: Apply proven marketing strategies to boost program adoption and completion rates

  • Streamlined communication: Centralize your learner communications within the program structure for consistency and ease

Use case examples for 'Automated emails in programs'

  • Onboarding programs: Send a welcome email to new hires as they begin their onboarding journey, followed by milestone acknowledgements and a roundup email at the program's conclusion

  • Continued education: Trigger reminder emails to encourage progress and completion of ongoing professional development courses

  • Event follow-ups: After live sessions or webinars, send out customized emails summarizing key points and providing additional resources

πŸ’‘ Note! Customized emails should align with your organization's communication style and branding guidelines to maintain a consistent learner experience.

Create Customized Email Steps in Programs

In your program navigate to your content outline:

  1. Click Add step

  2. Select Add email

  3. Enter a Headline, description, button text and choose the button action

    1. Open program view directs learners to the program learner view

    2. Open custom link lets you direct learners to a URL of your choice

  4. [Optional] Add an image to be included in the email

  5. Send yourself a test email by clicking 'Send test email'

  6. Review the test email click save and position your email step in the content outline

  7. Click Save

Add a custom link

The default 'Open program overview' directs learners to the learner view of the program but you also have the ability to add a custom link! You may want to do this for:

  • Supplemental Resources: Provide quick access to additional materials like other Sana courses, articles, e-books, and videos to deepen understanding and allow self-paced exploration

  • Event Participation: Use links to promote and simplify registration for relevant events and webinars, keeping learners connected and engaged with fresh content

  • Feedback Collection: Streamline feedback gathering with direct links to surveys, aiding in program enhancement and learner satisfaction

  • Community Interaction: Facilitate peer engagement through links to forums, fostering collaboration and networking within the learning community.

In the email step editor click on the Button action drop down

Edit an existing Email Step

Simply click on the email step in the outline and the email editor window opens, make your edits and save!


Can I schedule the customized emails to send at a specific time during the program?
Yes, you can schedule emails to be sent on specific days that align with other steps in a program

Is it possible to track the open rates and engagement of these emails?
Tracking specific analytics such as open rates is not yet available

How can I ensure that the emails are not marked as spam?
To minimize the risk of emails being marked as spam, ensure that your email content is relevant, avoid using too many links or sales-driven language, and follow best practices for email deliverability

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