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In Sana, the terms "paths" and "programs" refer to a structured sequence of learning content designed to guide learners towards a specific competency or learning goal. This content can include a mix of courses, live sessions, external content, SCORM files, and more.


Paths are especially useful if you want to make certain content readily available to your organization from the homepage, via categories for example. Or if you want to segment a program into different modules

  • Ensure the sequence is followed in the correct order

  • Display the path on the homepage

  • Modulate your program by adding paths

Learner view of a path

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Programs, on the other hand, offer the best solution for automating a learning journey and providing you with more control over the learner's experience. With programs, you can:

  • Automatically enroll learners based on specific attributes using enrollment rules

  • Assign content at different times

  • Set deadlines relative to the assignment for each step

  • Customize email notifications

Learner view of a program containing a path

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