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Sales Enablement in Sana
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“Choosing Sana meant we didn’t need to buy a separate sales enablement tool—all our company training is finally in one place.”

Amber de Wolde — Senior People Partner at Veriff

Welcome to our guide to setting up sales enablement in Sana. Sana’s end-to-end learning platform equips your reps with the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to ramp up fast and bring in more deals. This article will provide you with a clear, step-by-step process for setting up your sales enablement process, from onboarding to long-term success strategies. Let's dive in and get your sales enablement programs up and running!


  • Ramp up in record time: Sana speeds up the sales onboarding process with blended, personalized learning programs, allowing reps to skip passed what they already know and target knowledge gaps. With Sana's neural search, reps can use natural language to find answers to any of their questions.

  • Boost win rates: Sana’s extensive range of CRM system integrations let you trigger sales programs based on live funnel data so every rep gets the right support at the right time. Add exercises to self-directed courses and grade recorded video pitches, share real-time feedback in live sales bootcamps, or schedule 1:1 sessions for continuous coaching.

  • Cut the overhead: Sana brings an LMS, LXP, authoring tool, and virtual classroom into one end-to-end platform, allowing you to manage the complete enablement journey. Leverage your internal subject matter experts and top performers with our collaborative editor and our automated summaries for live trainings.

Testimonial from an existing partner

The following are results achieved through implementing Sales Enablement in Sana, for a company of ca. 100 employees

  1. Steeply increased conversion rates across the sales funnel (+50% from Lead Gen to Qualified, +48% from Qualified to Proposal, +30% from Proposal to Contract)

  2. Decreased ramp-up time of BDMs by 62% (from start date to full quota achievement)

  3. Achieved a ramp-up to consistent full quota in 6 months for the first time in the company's history


  1. Get your users and the right information in the system by connecting your HR system or inviting your users with editable attributes.

  2. Connect your CRM to Sana, to trigger assignments based on live funnel data and actions in your CRM. We support an off-the-shelf integration with Salesforce. Contact your CSM if you are interested in other integrations.

  3. Build out your programs and content

    1. Most likely, you'll want to start with your sales rep onboarding.

    2. Then, define the content you need for the longer-term development of your sales reps. For example, you can trigger courses based on their ARR closed, number of prospects, creating their first deal in proposal, etc.

    3. Add exercises to expand how you evaluate your sales rep. With exercises, reps can record themselves pitching, submit sales decks and any other type of file, and get evaluated on their chosen criteria.

  4. Set up your program enrolment rules and CRM integration triggers to automatically assign content to your reps.

  5. Build a teamspace to let your reps explore all available sales material. Give access to your top perfomers and SMEs to expand your knowledge base.

  6. Build your dashboard in Insights to easily follow up on the progress of your reps.

Best-practice tips

  • Blend self-paced and live sessions to allow learners to both get up to speed with knowledge on their own and ask questions and practice with others

  • Add exercises to programs to expand on how you can evaluate your sales reps. By asking them to record themselves pitching, submitting materials, or reflections, you can mimic real-life sales situations

  • Find the right triggers for content assignments from your CRM: Think about the key moments in their journey and plan the programs and assignments accordingly

  • Find your SMEs/top performers and empower them to share their knowledge: Pay attention to who stands out in your live sessions, or on your metrics, and give power to those people to share their knowledge


Will new sales people get added automatically?

Ensure that users have the right information in Sana (HR system or editable attributes) and set up enrolment rules; Sana will do the rest and add people to the right programs depending on the triggers you set.

Do users get notified when they have a new assignment?

Users receive notifications on assignments, and then reminders if they have a due date. Read more about notifications here.

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