Exercises are a new way to capture learnings and assess learners. A bit like homework, but for work. Exercises are extremely useful for sales enablement programs or any courses that require certification. You decide what you want learners to submit, choose who should review the exercise, and let the submissions role in. The person who reviews the exercise will grade it as a pass or fail.

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💡 Exercise cards are only available in Courses

What should I use Exercises for?

Exercises work across a wide range of learning use cases. You can use them in any situation where it's beneficial for the Learner to apply their knowledge. Some examples include:

  • Presentation training - get sales reps to record a pitch and test their presentation skills

  • Program wrap ups - add a more interactive ending to your programs by asking every learner to share their top takeaways in a short video

  • Certifications - demonstrate that your learners have successfully passed a course by testing them on the most important concepts

How do I create an Exercise?

  1. In your course, add card and choose Exercise

  2. First add the instructions for the Learner

  3. In Responsible reviewers Add the Admin or Group Admin who will review the Learners submissions

  4. Optional - In Review instructions below, write a description of for the reviewer to assist them with evaluating submissions

  5. Max resubmissions - Learners can only add one submission for review but have the option to resubmit their work. If you wish, you can limit the total number of resubmissions for Learners

  6. And when you’re ready, Publish and assign the course to Learners

💡 When adding the instructions if there is more than one you can create a /checklist or a /numberedlist

What will the Learner see?

  1. Upon arriving on the Exercise card, the Learner can see the instructions on the left and file submission upload on the right

  2. Learners have the option to choose one file to submit (see supported file formats below)

  3. Once the file has been attached they have the option to click the ‘view’ or ‘delete’ icon by the file

  4. Or, if happy with the attached file the Learner can submit

💡If the Course creator set up the card with more than one submission the Learner has the option to add another submission. The reviewer will only see the most recent submission (see How to create an exercise card above for more info)

Supported submission formats

Currently the supported formats are: .pdf .jpeg .png .mp4 .gif

Max file size: 2GB

How does a reviewer review submissions?

  1. Go to Manage > Exercise

  2. Either select one of the options under Ready for review or select the submission based on the course name below

  3. Choose a user you would like to review and click review

  4. You will see the most recent submission and have the option to grade the work

Once the homework has been graded, what will the learner see?

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