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Exporting Sana Courses - SCORM
Exporting Sana Courses - SCORM
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What is SCORM?

Simply put, SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) is a compliant course authoring tool which allows you to migrate courses between different LMS (Learning Management Systems).

💡 Only Administrators have the ability to export in SCORM format, Group Admins can only export PDFs

How to export as SCORM 1.2

SCORM export functionality is turned off by default, to set this up, contact your CSM. Once the function is active please follow the below steps:

  1. Open editor of Published course

  2. Click Share in the top right

  3. Choose Export tab then Click Export (under ‘Export SCORM’ title)

Why can I not export as SCORM?

  • If you cannot see the SCORM button either this has not configured for your organisation or you are not an Administrator

  • If the button is greyed-out the course has not been Published

  • If you have published the course and the export button is still greyed out please refresh the page

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