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What is a SCORM Connector?

With a SCORM connector, any LMS can be seamlessly integrated with the Sana platform with the tap of a button, allowing you to deliver learning in your preferred format while maintaining control of the content and learner experience.

How does it work?

The export of a SCORM connector creates a shell file (SCORM 1.2 standard), which can be uploaded to your LMS to allow learners immediate access to Sana. When a learner launches the shell file in the LMS, they are authenticated to the course on the Sana servers to consume the content. As the learner progresses, key information is sent to the LMS, including Completion, Score, Time and Pass/Fail. Sana only gets access to a pseudonymized user ID meaning Sana only processes the minimum amount of data.

What are the benefits?

Adaptive content delivered to any LMS

With a SCORM connector, the users of any LMS are able to instantly access personalized learning in Sana. With placement, learning, and review, Sana personalizes the path to the individual needs of a learner—surfacing just what they need, right when they need it, within your preferred learning format.

Advancing the social elements of learning

Since Sana can save learner interactions, we have added a breadth of social learning elements to Sana. For example, you can add polls or reflection cards where the learners can learn from colleagues, and you can collect invaluable information to your business.

Single authentication

Users are seamlessly authenticated into the right content in Sana using the SCORM Connector that has been uploaded to the LMS. No need for additional log-in mechanisms and multiple passwords.

Easy-to-manage content updates

Since the learning content will remain on the servers of Sana Labs, administrators and content creators will be able to update content centrally on Sana and propagate the changes to be made immediately available to learners thereby eliminating the need to send new course files to every LMS in your network each time you update your content.

Access to rich analytics

Using a SCORM connector will allow decision-makers to get access to the granular and rich set of learning analytics available in Sana, enabling managers and decision-makers to take action in their team’s learning journey to drive better learning outcomes.

Flow chart of the SCORM Connector

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