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Using Sana's question generator
Using Sana's question generator
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The question generator feature lets you ask great multiple-choice questions (MCQs) to ensure your learners stay engaged, retain knowledge, and sharpen their skills. All thanks to a little help from AI.

Save time creating courses

Sana scans the content of your course and suggests an MCQ. The more written content you provide, the better the suggestions will be.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Generate - To add an MCQ to your course, write "/generate" in the editor or find the feature in the toolbar.

  • Review - Before you approve a Sana-generated MCQ, make sure you review both the question and the answer alternatives. Sana is smart, but it’s even smarter when you add your expert human touch. Once you’re satisfied, approve the MCQ, and it will be added to your course.

  • Re-generate - Sana’s question generation uses an AI which needs relevant content to work well. If the MCQ isn’t quite right — try generating a new question or provide more text to increase the context. The more you use the generator, the smarter it gets, giving you ever-sharper questions to test and challenge your learners. And the sharper the questions, the better the learning.

Here's the tool in action:

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