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Inviting new users to Sana
Inviting new users to Sana
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How to invite new users

Start by going to Manage in the top menu. From here, click Invite users and follow the instructions.

There are two ways of inviting new users to Sana:

  1. Invite by email: An email with instructions to register will be sent to the email address(es) you provide. The email is sent from [email protected]. You can enter multiple emails at the same time.

  2. Invite by link: Copy the link and distribute it to users you want to invite to Sana. The link will guide them through the registration process. For security reasons, it's not possible to invite admins with this option.


My learner is not getting the invitation email, even though the email I entered is correct. What do I do?

Usually when this happens the email has gone to their spam folder. It is also possible that the email is blocked earlier by a firewall. In that case you might have to ask your IT security to whitelist [email protected].

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