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Assigning content to users

Different ways of assigning and removing courses to learners

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Administrators and group admins can assign courses, paths and programs to users in multiple ways by enrolling them to the content of choice.

What does assigning content mean?

Assigning content to users means enrolling them in that specific course or program. This gives them access to taking the course or program, with the expectation of them to complete it. You can set a due date for the user to complete the assigned content.

When you assign content to a user, they will get an email notification letting them know that they have been assigned the content in question. In this email they will receive a link which will take them to the Sana homepage, and they will be able to start progressing with the course or program they have been assigned.

Are you assigning users to programs? Read the full article for that use case here; including how to automate enrollment via enrollment rules, minimising manual admin labour.

Direct enrollment

  • Go to Manage > Users.

  • Find the user in the list and mark their name in the tick box.

  • From here, you can enroll or disenroll the user in courses, paths, and groups. You can select multiple users in one go by ticking the box next to their names in the list.

You can also click on the users name, go into their profile, scroll down and assign them to content from there.

Assigning a user directly from the Share modal

If you are collaborating on content in the editor, you can assign content directly from the Share modal.

Assigning content through groups

Are you enrolling groups to individual courses?

  • Go to Manage > Content > The course of interest.

  • Choose Add learners > Groups.

  • Select the group, add a Due date if needed > Choose Assign

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