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Sana's extensive library of over 60 custom-crafted templates is designed to kickstart your projects with a spark of inspiration. Covering a wide range of everyday use cases—from team meeting best practices and leadership trainings to retro meeting frameworks—these templates enable instant collaboration.

Finding and using templates to get started

  1. Go to Create in Sana

  2. Browse the template library on the left menu

  3. Click "Use" on your chosen template to start customizing it

How do I create my own templates?

You can create your own standardized templates to streamline your personal or as an admin, your organization's course creation process, ensuring content consistency and saving valuable time.

Step by step guide on creating your own templates:

  1. In edit mode of your course, select the 3 dots at the top right

  2. Choose "Save as a template"

  3. Assign a title, description, and image to your template

  4. To share with your organization, toggle on "Make public to entire organization"

    1. 💡 Note! Only admins can make templates available to the entire organization

  5. Access your custom templates under "Create new" > "My organization's templates"

Benefits of creating your own templates

  1. Efficiency in Content Creation

    • Reduces Development Time: By eliminating the need to start from scratch for each new project, templates significantly cut down on the time required to produce new content.

    • Provides Consistent Structure: Templates offer a predefined structure, ensuring that all courses or materials follow a uniform format, making it easier for creators to organize content effectively.

  2. Brand Consistency

    • Maintains Branding Across Materials: Custom templates ensure that every piece of learning content consistently reflects the organization's branding, including logos, colors, and fonts.

    • Promotes a Professional Image: A uniform appearance across all educational materials enhances the organization's professional reputation among employees, stakeholders, and external partners.

Editing a Template

  1. Go to Create in the global sidebar

  2. Filter "Any type" on Templates

    1. Your template marked as "Course template".

  3. Edit this course or Live to update the template.

Working with Live Meeting Templates

Just like with course templates, Sana also supports live meeting templates. This feature is particularly useful for standardizing the structure and content of your live sessions, ensuring consistency and saving time in preparation. Whether it's for team meetings, client presentations, or training sessions, live meeting templates can be customized to fit your needs.

💡 Pro Tip! You can always convert a live session to a course or vice versa, making it easy to create templates for both formats. This flexibility allows for seamless adaptation of content across different learning and meeting environments

Creating and editing live meeting templates follows the same procedure as with course templates. However, you'll find them under Create new > Live meeting templates

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