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From a spark of inspiration to a quick start for any project, Sana offers a variety of templates to help you boost your creativity and productivity.

From team meeting best practices, leadership trainings, frameworks for retro meetings, our template library has more than 60 custom-crafted templates designed for everyday use cases that'll have you collaborating in a matter of seconds.

Finding and using templates to get started

Click on Create to get started with a pre-made template or combine different templates to keep your content or project moving forward.

Get into collaboration mode faster by creating your own template, or using a template made by Sana that fits your needs.

How do I create my own template?

If you constantly rebuild or repeat the same activities or content, or any time you see people copy-pasting a lot, it is a good opportunity to create a custom template. Custom templates help you standardize content and avoid wasting time duplicating designs and content by creating custom templates. You can choose whether they are only visible to you or to your entire team.

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