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Getting Started with Sana: The Creator's Checklist
Getting Started with Sana: The Creator's Checklist
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Written by Bianca Wetter
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Hey there creator,

Welcome to the beginners guide for creating in Sana. I am happy to announce that soon you will be creating beautiful self-paced courses and lives in Sana. Creating in Sana is quite intuitive - but since many things can be tricky the first time around, I have created this article series to guide you through the process.

Let's get started!

1. Create: a quick start

In the article below, you will get a head start into everything content creation.

Want to dive deeper?

Read more about all the different cards and features you can use in create HERE.

2. Using templates

If you don't want to create all content from scratch, there is a large library of templates to browse from. This is a powerful tool to help you get a head start into creating courses and lives, as well as inspiration for new topics to publish courses on.

3. Publish a course

When all the cards are in place and you are ready for the next step, it is time to publish the course for it to become visible to learners.

4. Sharing content

You can both add collaborators to teamwork with you on the content, or share it with learners once its done and published. Read all about it below.

5. Set up a live session

When you feel that your the Live session - it is time to schedule it and invite participants. Read about setting up and inviting other learners below.

Great work - you are done!

You are now ready to start creating and sharing content in Sana. Enjoy the process and if you need any further assistance, there are loads of articles here to help you through.

Happy creating!

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