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Create: quick start
Create: quick start
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What is Create?

Sana's AI-assisted authoring tool Sana Create makes it easy to design and share world-class training with your team. Invite team members to collaborate, see real-time changes, and let Sana suggest relevant questions to add to your courses and lessons.

You can access the authoring tool in the sidebar. There, you will find a list of all the existing courses in your organization.

Create and edit courses

To create a new course, click "Create new". The new course will be opened in the editor.

To edit an existing course, click the course title from the list. This will open up the course in the editor.

Pro tip: Add a course description to help your learners understand why they should take this course.

A shortcut to your toolbox

You only have to remember one thing about using the editor: type / to view and insert any of the content blocks available–from text paragraphs to code snippets–and use the delete key to remove them.

Drag and drop blocks to reshuffle, or copy and paste them between lessons and courses.

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