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Homepage navigation - global sidebar
Homepage navigation - global sidebar

Information on where to find what in the global sidebar.

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Users can now navigate across the entire platform with context on where in Sana you are. The Global sidebar will also make your personal recommendations more accessible.

We can divide the sidebar into 3 main areas:

1. Main navigation

Go from point A to point B no matter where you are in Sana:

  • Home - find recommended courses and content available to all learners across your organization

  • My Library - see all content assigned to you as well as your progress and deadlines

  • [Admins only] Create - see all courses you own or are collaborating on

  • [Admins only] Manage - manage users, groups, programs, and more

2. For you

Here you will find personal recommendations on the things you need to know about:

  • Recently edited content

  • Recommended content

  • Upcoming assignments

  • Upcoming live sessions

3. Docs

Browse the content you can access, from teamspaces to your private content, or content that is shared with you

  • My content - space with content that you created or own and is private to you

  • Shared with me - space with all content you are collaborating on but do not own

  • Teamspaces - shared spaces where you can collaborate on content with others

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For more information on teamspaces, read the article on teamspaces here.

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