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How editing a course affects learners
How editing a course affects learners
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As an author, making changes to your course is an essential part of the learning process. It allows you to update content, add new information, or refine the learning path based on feedback or new insights. However, it's important to understand how these changes affect learners who are either in progress or have completed the course. This article will guide you through the process of publishing changes in a course and the subsequent effects on learners.

πŸ’‘ This article is only referring to self-paced courses

Modifying and Publishing Changes in a course

Learners completed the course already

If a learner has already completed the course and you make some modifications, then publish changes, the learner won't be required to re-take the course or review the new cards.

However, if a learner chooses to revise the course, any changes you've made are visible. These appear as incomplete cards from the course navigation menu.

πŸ’‘ Published changes do not affect the learner's progress or completion status

Learners still in progress

If a learner is still in progress and you add new cards to the course, and then publish these changes, the learner will be required to review and complete these new cards to finish the course. The system updates the course progress to reflect the new content, ensuring learners gain the most from your course.

Modifying Existing Cards

It's important to note that the behavior described above is not applicable if you only modify an existing card. Changes to existing cards do not affect the course completion status or progress for either completed or in-progress learners.

Happy publishing!

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