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Importing External Courses
Importing External Courses
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How to add external courses in Sana

As of today, there are four ways to import external courses in Sana:

All of these methods allow learners to browse through the courses, just like with the Sana-native ones. Similarly, you are able to assign learners, edit the descriptions, and change visibility settings. Key differences are:

  • Direct links and integration to LinkedIn Learning open the course in another tab (in the origin of the course)

  • Courses imported through direct link will not automatically register completion (SCORM and LI Learning will). Learners need to mark manually that they have completed the course

Importing external course via link

  1. Go to Manage

  2. Select ‘Content’

  3. Click “Import” in the right corner

  4. Select “Direct Link”. In the new window, paste in the link to the course, click “import”

  5. Add additional information (description, images, tags) about the course if you wish, and click “import” at the bottom. The course is now imported to Sana and will exist in Manage for you to invite learners to.

Importing an external course in SCORM 1.2 (recommended) or 2004 format

  1. Go to Manage > Content

  2. Click Import in the top right corner

  3. Select SCORM and upload the SCORM-file from your computer. The course is now imported to Sana and will exist in Manage for you to invite learners to.

Please ensure the file uploaded is in a .zip format

Integration to LinkedIn Learning

We support a more extensive integration to LinkedIn Learning. Find the article here: How to connect LinkedIn Learning with your Sana org.

Once the integration has been finalized, you can import LinkedIn Learning courses into Sana.


  1. Go to Manage > Content

  2. Click on Import and select LinkedIn Learning

  3. Select the courses you want to add and click Import

Sana automatically adds course name, course image and the course description to the course.


Why is embed content in my imported SCORM not working in Sana?

It may be that your embed content requires whitelisting for the Sana LMS, see below for the whitelisting URL:


Please replace DOMAIN with your Sana URL domain. For example, if your Sana domain is, then the whitelisting URL is

Why is my SCORM file import not working?

There could be a number of reasons why it isn’t importing correctly.

Firstly, if the SCORM is not working on Sana follow the below steps:

  1. Sana supports SCORM 1.2 (recommended) and SCORM 2004, please check you have the correct format

  2. Please try exporting the file again from your provider

  3. Once you are sure you have the correct file you can test your SCORM file on

If it does not work on the website mentioned in step 3, there might be something wrong with the file. Please ask your provider to investigate this further.

If the file does work then please:

  • Check that you have a stable internet connection

  • Try from another browser (Chrome is recommended)

💡 Sana only supports navigation toolbars with SCORM 1.2 files and SCORM 2004 files, if your course contains navigation toolbars please ensure these are selected when exporting

If you require further assistance please contact your CSM.

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