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Follow the facilitator in a live session
Follow the facilitator in a live session

Follow me allows facilitators to guide participants and ensure everyone is following.

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The Follow me feature in live sessions is designed for both learners and facilitators. Facilitators can use it to guide the learning experience, while learners benefit from a more interactive and synchronised session.

Why use Follow me?

  • This feature is useful for facilitating Live sessions where you present a lot of content requiring you to scroll down on a card. It directs the participants' attention to the area of the card that the facilitator sees at a particular moment. No more spoilers!

  • As a facilitator, you can see how many participants follow you in the top bar.

💡 You need to be a facilitator in order to use Follow me

How do you enable Follow me:

  1. When you're in a live session and on a page card, click on Follow me

  2. All participants will be automatically invited to follow

💡 Once toggled on, Follow me is enabled until you toggle it off.

Follow me for embedded videos

Follow me also works for videos - perfect for any session where you want to have synced playback. This could be a training session where everyone needs to watch the same instructional video, a team meeting where a new company policy is being explained through a video, or even a fun team-building event where everyone watches a short film or clip together.

How to use follow me for videos

  1. Make sure you have Follow me turned on

  2. Press play on the embedded video, and the learners will see the video as you see it.

In conclusion, this feature is a simple yet powerful tool that enhances the learning experience by ensuring everyone is on the same page (or in this case, the same part of the video!). So the next time you're in a Live session, don't forget to use Follow me to make the most of your shared video content.

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