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Making courses visible everywhere
Making courses visible everywhere
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Welcome to our quick guide on "Making Courses Visible Everywhere". This article will provide you with straightforward steps to ensure your courses reach their intended audience across all platforms. Let's dive in and unlock the full potential of your content's visibility. Read on to learn more!

Making your courses visible everywhere is key for:

  • Accessibility: It allows learners to access content anytime, anywhere, suiting diverse learning habits.

  • Engagement: Easy-to-find courses boost learner engagement and improve learning outcomes.

  • Resource Optimization: Maximize the utilization of your valuable course resources, benefiting more learners.

  • Learning Culture: Visible courses foster a culture of continuous learning, encouraging personal and professional development.

How to do it?

It’s possible with the flick of a switch, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Go to Manage > Content

  2. Click on the course

  3. Under "Availability" - flip the switch "Everyone can see this"

You can also do it from the editor-mode

  1. Make sure the course is published and click on Share

  2. Navigate to Permissions and go to Visibility in organization

  3. Choose Visible everywhere

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