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Sana Assistant: Prompt cheat sheet
Sana Assistant: Prompt cheat sheet
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Here’s a prompt cheat sheet for inspiration! Feel free to use these prompts with both Universal Search and even when you’re in Create. See more about using the Sana Assistant here.


  • Find research on [insert topic]

  • Generate ideas on [insert topic]

  • Edit and fix this text: [insert text]

  • Use the text above and write a 500-word piece that explains this topic to a beginner

    • Rewrite this text and make it easy for a beginner to understand: [insert text]

  • Change the tone of the text above and make it sound more informal/friendly/professional

  • Summarize the text below and give me a list of bullet points with key insights and the most important facts

  • Show me a piece of research about [insert topic] from [insert source]

    • Sources could be things like Harvard Business Review, Journals, etc

  • Proofread the text above.

  • Generate 10 reflections on [insert topic]

  • Generate 5 situational questions on [insert topic]

  • Generate one story on [insert topic]

💡 When in Create click the Continue writing button to generate relevant results

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