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Uploading images, GIFs and videos
Uploading images, GIFs and videos
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In this article we will have a quick look at the recommended minimum resolutions and the supported formats you should consider when uploading images and videos.

Video upload

Supported format: MP4 (up to 2GB)

Video card

Minimum recommended video size: 720p*

Other cards that support video upload blocks:

Minimum recommended video size: 720p

Image upload

Supported formats: JPEG, PNG or GIFs

Title card background image recommendation:

Minimum pixel count: 1920x1080

Image & text card image recommendation:

Minimum pixel count: 960×1080 pixels

Page and other cards that support image block recommendation:

As image blocks on page cards can have varying sizes the below is only recommended if you’re wanting to upload a full-width image.

Want to adjust the cropping of an image? In the Title card, Image card, and Image + Text card, you can fine-tune the cropping settings by selecting either "Cover" or "Contain". Choosing "Cover" will zoom in on the picture to fill the card's frame, while "Contain" will display the entire picture within the frame.

Minimum pixel count: is 1280×720 pixels

💡 Due to variable screen sizes and aspect ratios, image sizes will vary for different users. It is recommended that important information on an image is centered with a suitable trim line. This is not necessary if uploading images on a page card

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