Connecting Sana with Slack
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Why Sana + Slack?

Sana is the leading learning platform for the world’s fastest-moving teams. With the Sana for Slack integration, you can bring learning into the flow of work. Learners receive automatic reminders about upcoming live sessions and assignment due dates, and content creators receive notifications whenever someone tags them in the editor.

The result? More learning. Less learning admin. When Slack notifications are configured, all learners will receive notifications in Slack when:

  • You have been assigned a new course

  • You have an upcoming due date

  • You have an upcoming Live session

    • You are notified when assigned the session

    • And the day of the session

  • Someone mentions you in a comment

  • Someone responds to your comment

  • Someone shares an Insights Dashboard with you

  • Someone requests collaborator access to your course/Live

How to connect Sana + Slack

Here’s how to set up the integration.

Note: You must have admin rights in order to set up Sana + Slack.

  1. Log into your Sana account

  2. Go to Manage and select Settings

  3. Select Configure to connect your Sana and Slack accounts

  4. Select Enable to finish the connection

💡 Learners do not need to do anything to receive Slack notifications once you as an admin have configured Slack notification on an organization-wide level as per the above.

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