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Publishing courses & AI generated course descriptions
Publishing courses & AI generated course descriptions
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Publishing a course with a great description and the correct visibility settings is an essential step in engaging potential learners and giving them a clear understanding of what to expect from your educational content. With Sana AI, crafting compelling course descriptions is streamlined and efficient, allowing you to focus on delivering quality educational experiences.

What is course description generation?

Course description generation is a feature within Sana AI that helps you create concise and informative descriptions of your educational courses. This feature:

  • Utilizes AI to analyze your course content and extract key themes and topics

  • Offers suggestions for clear and appealing language that resonates with your target audience

Why should I use a course description generation?

  • Time-saving: Automatically generates a draft description, reducing the time you spend writing from scratch

  • Consistency: Ensures a uniform structure and style across all your course descriptions

  • Engagement: Helps to create descriptions that capture interest and increase enrollments

  • Search-friendly: Optimizes your course for Sana search, making your courses more discoverable

πŸ’‘ Keep in mind that while AI can provide a strong starting point, it's important to personalize and review the generated descriptions to ensure they accurately reflect your course content and objectives.

How to generate a course description and publish your course

Once your content is ready to be published, in your editor :

  1. Click Publish in the top right corner

  2. Edit the title if needed

  3. Click Generate to use Sana's assistant to draft a description

  4. Review and edit the generated description to add a personal touch and ensure accuracy

  5. Choose your visibility setting

  6. If changed the visibility to 'Visible everywhere' or 'Visible in manage' you also have the option of adding a tag

  7. Once satisfied, click Save and publish

πŸ’‘ Course descriptions must contain more than 500 characters for them to be visible


Can I customize the generated course description?
Absolutely! The generated description is fully editable, allowing you to add personal touches and ensure it aligns with your course's unique aspects and learning outcomes.

How does Sana AI ensure the descriptions are search-friendly?
Sana AI identifies relevant keywords within your course content and suggests their inclusion in the description, which helps improve the visibility of your courses in Sana's search engine results

Is there a limit to how many course descriptions I can generate?
No, there is no limit. You can generate as many course descriptions as needed for your various courses and programs

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